Dear The Voice Solutions Clients,

As you may have heard, The US government and US Telecom Traceback group have enhanced its efforts to tackle the crippling US fraud Robo Calling epidemic.

The Voice Solutions has always been compliant with all US Agencies and US Telecom. However, we are going to take a more aggressive stance to help battle illegal robocalling.

If we receive any serious tracebacks such as Social Security or IRS or and any government department robocalls from your account with The Voice Solutions your account will be terminated straight away.

For all other tracebacks of any kind, you must provide details to USTelecom traceback and if the client is an end-user, you must remove the client from our network straight away, failing this your account will also be terminated immediately and permanently.

The Broadband association requires all clients to reply to these tracebacks, passing on the information of which customer has done the actual call that was flagged for the fraud. If you don’t reply to these tracebacks, you get a strike against your name and The Voice Solutions gets a strike against its name. If you do not fill out the tracebacks form, you will be treated as the end-user who committed the fraud call and have to be terminated from our network.

We cannot stress enough at the moment there are a lot of offshore company’s signing up accounts with US carriers to terminate their calls, ourselves have also been inundated with new accounts, and it seems it is clients that want to terminate these SS, IRS and other government department’s calls. Fraud Call centers are looking for new homes. In light of this, we have now banned all new accounts until further notice.

Right now, there is also a lot of panic in the industry and decisions are being made with fear, and for a good reason,

However, we all need to work together to remove these illegal calls from our networks.

The Voice Solutions only accepts traffic that complies with applicable United States laws and regulations

The Voice Solutions Management

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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