Dear Customers,

We have been carefully observing how the situation has developed across the globe.Today, depending on the guidelines issued by governing healthcare authorities, Our company is managing local situations in all regions where we have teams. We are doing this to guarantee our employees' safety, and also guarantee continuity for your services.

We would like to share with you the actions we have put in place.

Guaranteeing you service continuity

Our teams are making every effort to support you under the best conditions. As a consequence, we are deploying business continuity plans. Our priority is to ensure a high-quality operational service, which is essential for your activity - both for your business, and also on a more strategic, national scale. We intend to apply this worldwide, wherever we have a presence.

We are also protecting employees in our datacentres, with prevention measures reinforced on-site. Today, all datacentre and server maintenance operations can be carried out as usual. Our infrastructure is able to absorb good number of bandwidth, and for this reason, we do not believe that this crisis will impact the quality of service we offer you. We are working in close contact with our suppliers, and we do not expect to experience any major provisioning issues in the short-term future for deliveries required to produce our own servers. Since the situation is still changing at a quick pace, we will keep you informed.

Guaranteeing health and safety for all employees - an OBHost Priority

As soon as the WHO classified COVID-19 as an epidemic, we began reinforcing prevention measures. We raised awareness of personal hygiene and safety precautions in our office.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic, we took the decision to suspend the business travel and outdoor meetings. This is to protect both ourselves and other citizens. 

We are aware that by protecting our employees, we are doing our part to prevent the virus from spreading on a larger scale.

Showing solidarity and vigilance

We urge everyone to follow the recommendations issued by public organizations, as well as both national and international authorities. Simple acts of prevention, such as following personal hygiene precautions, are an effective way of protecting both yourself and others from infection. By working together, we will find ways of overcoming the situation. For further information, please visit the World Health Organization page.

OBHost will carry on carefully observing the spread of the pandemic, and will take all of the measures required to support your services while protecting our employees, on the basis of advice issued by governing healthcare authorities.

Thank you for your support, and for choosing OBHost.

The OBHost teams

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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