.Edu.PK Domain Name Registration Requirements

Clients are required to Provide the following Details to OBHost for the Registration of .Edu.PK domain name registration:

Name of Signatory:
Institute Name:
Postal Address:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Clients are also required to follow the given below procedure for the Activation of the domain name:

According to the PKNIC .edu.pk domain name registration policy, the domain registrant for .edu.pk domain extensions must be a bona fide educational institute, with sizeable active student enrollment. Therefore, for moderation purposes, the .edu.pk domain names are kept inactive after registration.

For activation, a letter of authorization signed by the Director/CEO/Principal of the institute on institute's original stationary letterheads is required. A proof/claim of being a registered and active educational institute (i-e institute prospectus, copy of registration documents etc) is also required.

Also enclose a CNIC copy of the authority signing the authorization.


PKNIC Records
PKNIC Collection
84 Tipu Block, Garden Town, Lahore

Subject:   Registration of xxxx Domain name


XXX College is located at xxx, we need to register domain xxx.edu.pk for our College. Provisional registration of the domain has already been done by Mr. Mohammad Owais from OBHost, Holding PKNIC account ID 38780 (our technical contact). The present status of the domain is “Pending Verification”. Accordingly as Principal of the College, I am forwarding this request for registration of the subject domain name.

Following documents are enclosed for verification:-

  1. Copy of Registration Documents of xxx College with Govt of xxx.
  2. Copy of CNIC of the head of Institute.
  3. Copy of Prospectus of the Institute.

For further verification, the contact details are as under:

Postal Address: xxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxx
Fax: xxxxx 

Principal xxxx College

[Official Seal]


PKNIC Collection
84 Tipu Block, Garden Town
Lahore. Pakistan

The domain will be activated upon verification of the received documents.

If you have any question, you can call PKNIC directly on following numbers:



Help Lines:

Lines Open: Monday through Friday - 9:30am to 5:00pm [Break: 1:30pm to 2:30pm]


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