Order is under Brand Validation

Comodo/Symantec certification managers require reviewing all orders manually if an order has status "Order is under Brand Validation". Typically it takes around 24-48 hours to check and issue or reject an order. Make sure your website is online and working while they make manual check, as they will reject SSL if no website uploaded.

Most common reasons to stuck on Brand validation

  1. Some countries may be reviewed manually, for example: South Korea, North Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq.
  2. Domain name includes famous Brand name, for example, facebook-app.com, sony-shop.net, dellshop.com
  3. Domain name has a similar brand name, for example, your domain is "sibmama.com", but validation system may read it as "sIBMama" and flag "IBM" brand. Managers check such cases manually.
  4. Domain name has "stop words", for example "pay, online, secure, booking, shop, bank, transfer, money, e-payment, payment, protection, violence, terrorists, and others", in that case validation also will be manual...

What can I do to speed up the process?

You may try to contact Comodo/Symantec managers directly via live chat and try to discuss the situation with your order.

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